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Cannabis: noun

1. An annual plant that has both female and male sexes. The fruit of the female Cannabis Species is consumed in a variety of ways for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes around the world. The male plant is known as hemp. It has no psychoactive effects like the female and has 50,000 uses and counting; some of which are fuel, clothing, oil, topical lotions, rope….There are 3 main species of Cannabis; 1) Indica,  2) Sativa, and 3) Ruderalis. There are also hybrids, crossing sativas and indicas to produce the most desired benefits.

Origin: Central and South Asia

Example: I love to smoke different strains of Cannabis.

Cannabis is one of the few annual plants, that have both males and females and even sometimes, hermaphrodites; plants that are both male and female sex. Benefits are tremendous but different for both male and female plants. Indicas and Sativas are the most desired when it comes to medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes.  Each species of cannabis has its own properties and within each species, there are many different strains. Check out an online seedbank and you will see all the different varieties. There are way more flavors than Baskin and Robbins could ever offer in ice cream. There are also many hybrids crossing different varieties and strains of both Indicas and Sativas producing the most desired properties and benefits. The female Sativas and Indicas have the highest THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. This is what determines strength and potency.




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